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Why from us

It´s smart to vape. With us!


This page is here especially for those of you who are just thinking about purchasing an electronic cigarette and are searching for suitable information on Internet. It is not easy to get oriented in a load of information, often chaotic, and offers, often unreliable. Here you will learn which advantages and guarantees you will have if you choose an electronic cigarette from us, i.e. from Gold Drive, s.r.o. company.




10 reasons why an electronic cigarette from Gold Drive



1) Gold Drive has the longest history of electronic cigarette business in the Czech Republic 


Dating from 2007 we have been focusing solely and entirely on electronic cigarettes. We do no other business, we do not sell electronic cigarettes like an extra income in addition to another business. We like the idea of electronic cigarettes and electronic cigarettes are our fun and bread. During the last years we have seen quite many sellers who loudly announced their entering of the market just to sell all stock a few months later and disappear quitly to run another business. With Gold Drive you have a guarantee of experience and continuity.


2) Gold Drive buys samples of all innovations in the world of electronic cigarettes and puts them through careful tests - but to our customers we introduce only those items which prove their quality and are the least problematic. 


We have no need to sell everything that is offered to us and is marked as"the thing of the year". We have everything but we introduce just about 60% of all models offered by producers. The rest goes to our internal E-cigarette Museum. Before we introduce a new product, each item must be tested by several experienced e-smokers whose reviews are then displayed at the Gold Drive Discussion Forum . This way we save our customers a lot of time - they don´t have to search the net after buying a problematic model and look for some advise and information on how to amend this, seal that, untangle this, set that....so that their questionable model works. 


3) Gold Drive has been running a specialised shop in Prague since 2008


In Prokopka shop  each customer can see, try and taste everything in a friendly atmosphere. Trained and experienced team of shop assistants will help you to choose the right electronic cigarette for you so that it suits your needs best. The first choise is crucial, one model would work for a heavy smoker, another model for a weak smoker. One model is good for those who want to stop classical smoking, another model is good for a person who want to use their electronic cigarette only occasionally as an alternative to classical cigarettes. For your future satisfaction the choice of a suitable electronic cigarette is absolutely essencial. 


4) Gold Drive prepared a highly attractive program of benefits for our customers

E-smoking Club – As soon as you buy any of our electronic cigarette kits which is included in the benefit program of E-smoking Club GD, you will receive a member card that enables you to take advantage of all the club´s benefits. Among them e.g. atomizers or batteries for free when buynig new refill for your e-cigarette, discount on further kits, discount on new models after a year-long use.


5) Gold Drive runs a free information phone line


Any time you experience any problem with your electronic cigarette you can discuss this problem for free on our GREEN LINE Gold Drive 800 507 507. It makes the communication easier and many problems are solved right away, without the necessity to send your electronic cigarette as a complaint. The line is operated within the work time of the Prokopka shop and you will always receive a qualified and professional advice on how to procees so that your problem is solved in the shortest possible time. 


6) Gold Drive offers the most complex portfolio of electronic cigarettes in the Czech Republic


This fact is connected with the points 1) and 2). Becase we have been in the business since 2007 we know many of the leading producers in person (e.g. see TABEXPO PRAGUE 2011 trade fair). The producers actively inform us about their planned innovations in advance and they even point out some possible problems of certain models. Because we buy in bulk we can hold a really complex portfolio on stock where we can help each customer to find the right model for them.


7) Gold Drive has successfully operated in the German market and other German speaking markets since 2009 


Yes, since 2009 we have been selling in the very demanding and uncomparably bigger German market. Through our branch in Furth we take care of our customers not only from Germany itself but also from Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, and Luxembourg. To our German customers we deliver the same quality as to our customers in the Czech Republic.


8) Gold Drive  creates a video manual for each electronic cigarette, which help you to get  to know your e-cigarette better, its functions and correct use  


We are fully aware of the fact that the best possible written manual does not answer all questions and uncertainties. That is why we have video manuals made for almost all models we offer. In the manuals there is a detailed and comprehensible description of the functions of a concrete electronic cigarette and the right way of use. 


9) Gold Drive takes active part in the events connected to electronic smoking


Already in 2009 we initiated the establishment of the citizens´ association "E-smokers´Club - Fellowship of E-smoking Fans" ( E-kuřácký klub – Spolek přátel e-kouření) which at that time was the only subject in the field commenting on, in those days being created, amendment to the so called anti-smoking law. We still keep contact with law makers and make efforts so that eletronic cigarettes are not subject to the excise or they are not completaly banned in the Czech Republic, the same way this happened in Austria.  


10) Gold Drive introduces quality innovations and at the same time quarantees you that also for your older electronic cigarette model you will find the spare parts and refill as long as one year after the production was stopped - contractual agreement with our suppliers

With all our suppliers we have a contractual agreement on this. Thus you cannot experience the situation of buying an electronic cigarette for which you are not able to find refill or spare parts in a few months because this model is no longer being produced. 



It´s smart to vape. With us!