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Skouncujte s nezdravým kouřením

What is e-cigarette


An invention reminding us of science fiction stories. Reaction to the anti-smoking crusade of our society.  An effort for a less harming alternative to classical tobacco products.  



Electronic Cigarette



Today, many versions of electronic cigarettes are produced, however, the basic principle remains the same: when an e-smoker pulls at his electronic cigarette, the heating body starts warming up and the heat, which is thus produced, starts warming up the adjacent cartridge and its contents (including nicotin) starts vaporizing.


There is no burning in electronic cigarettes, so unlike in classical cigarettes, no tar, carbon monoxide and thousands of other harming substances are produced by electronic cigarettes. An e-smoker therefore causes less harm not only to himself but to those around him as well, while his need to get nicotine, to keep his hands busy and stick to his calming rituals is satisfied. 


Electronic cigarettes may represent a good choise for you, if:

  • you want partly or completaly replace classical cigarettes with less harmful electronic cigarettes,
  • you want to be tactful to non-smokers around you and not to trouble them with bad smell and harmful substances, which are created by burning tobacco and cigarette paper,  
  • you want to be able to smoke also at most non-smoking places, e.g. on board of some planes, in restaurants, in your office, 
  • you have decided to quit smoking and you want to try smoking electronic cigarettes as the first step in a good direction.  


And who is the inventor of all this? The Chinese.


A big country with many possibilities. When it was decided that the summer Olympics 2008 will take place in China, all effort of this country was concentrated on securing their smooth organization and most impressive effect.  One of the side effects was the effort to create the image of an environmentally friendly modern country that cares for wellfare and health of its citisens. However, the great amounts of cigarette-ends discarded by the millions of Chinese smokers were not fitting this image so one of the government tasks became to think of a way how to get these tons of cigarette-ends out of the Chinese cities. The result was invention of an electronic cigarette which was patented in 2005 and has been commercially produced since fall of 2006.

Electronic cigarettes do not leave any badsmelling cigarette-ends, "smoke" produced by an electronic cigarette is not a real smoke, it is really a vapour containing nicotine. Using an electronic cigarette is easy: you just need to recharge the batteries and exchange or refill the cartridge.


Despite all these advantages, we have to say that you need a certain inner motivation to move from classical cigarettes to electronic smoking.  Electronic cigarettes do not have, and never will, the same "dense" smoke as classical cigarettes, because their smoke is not produced by burning and does not include those dence substances, e.g. tar. However, if you get used to your electronic cigarette, if you have that inner motivation then the advantages are clear.