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Watch-out tips

Generation Boom (G3, G4, G5, etc.)

Beware of the absurd offers of non-existant, all the time higher and higher generations of electronic cigarettes. It is not an evidence of the seller´s reliability. First electronic cigarettes appeared in 2006 in the form of e-cigars. They were successful so soon enough we could see models designed in the style of cigarettes with cigarette holders (so called pen-models) and some time later finally came the models which were undistinguishable from the classical cigarettes at the distance of a few steps.

These models, as you can see in the picture, were very different from the previous ones (not only in design but in functionality as well) and represented a real evolution jump. Therefore, we started calling them second generation electronic cigarettes and pen-models thus logically became the first generation. Second generation e-cigarettes are now available in many varieties from various producers. However, it is clear now that this time, we can hardly speak of the evolution jump when speaking of various models and it applies to their functionality as well. It is a continuous developing of design and functionality of the second generation electronic cigarettes.

Sadly enough, In the hunt after the customer most sellers started competing in the number of the newest generation they could offer. Soon, we could witness the arrival of electronic cigarettes of the 4th as well as 5th generation. 

The funny thing is that oddly enough you will never find the 3rd generation (3G) which was omited in their hunt.


Beware of the Non-Existant Electronic Cigarettes Generations

Beware of the absurd offers of non-existant, all the time higher and higher generations of electronic cigarettes. It is not an evidence of the seller´s reliability. You can ask your e-cigarette seller deliberately which electronic cigarette is 1G, which one is 2G, 3G, etc.

Then you can share their answers with us..

Model Labelling

Beware of the producer´s identification of a concrete electronic cigarette model, it may spare you future problems when buying the cartridges and accessirues, This is closely connected to the problem of the generation boom. The identical electronic cigarette model is often sold under various commercial names by various sellers and if you later come to another shop to buy the cartridges and accessories, the shop assistant will not know what to give you. The solution is to know the model identification used at production (eg. KR808 and RN4081). Everything that arrived in the market after the first generation has this identification which is valid worldwide. So, you can buy your cartridges in Germany as well and they will understand you.  

So, beware of the producer´s model identification of your electronic cigarette.  





Contents of the Package

Beware of the contents of the package, especially with markedly cheap offers - later buying of necessary accessories can be much more expensive. Always check the contents of your electronic cigarette package. The standard kit includes 2 rechargeable batteries, charger, atomizer, mouthpiece, several cartridges for a start, Czech manual (which for you, English speakers is especially important, right :-) ), and waranty. If anything of that is missing in your package you will have to buy the missing item sooner or later anyway, and that can become quite expensive.

So, beware of the contents of the package - buying the accessories later on can become quite expensive.  

Picture of the Electronic Cigarette

Some sellers use another "twist" .... when visiting their e-shops you will find the same photo of one electronic cigarette with all models they are offering, the identical photo of an electronic cigarette detail without the photo of the whole package. In small letters somewhere on their page (and that is the better case) there may be a note saying that all photos used are only illustrative. By looking at such photos you have no chance to find out what model it really is ..... and after finishing your cartridges you can start searching for the producer´s identification of your electronic cigarette so that you can buy yourself new cartridges etc.

So, beware of the pictures of products offered by e-shops.

Extremaly Low Price 

During your internet search for a suitable electronic cigarette you will no doubt meet also some seemingly bargain-packages, surprisingly cheap. A future e-smoker is triumphing over and immediately fills in the order. Unfortunately, this kind of e-smokers don´t last too long :-) 

There are generally three aspects that enable the seller to reach such a low price:   

  1. grey import, no duty and VAT payments 
  2. second-rate quality, mostly production of non-licenced manufactories 
  3. seller is not planning to stay in the market for two years ... because with such prices you are not able to keep two-year guarantee  


So, Beware of Suspiciously Cheap Offers and Use your Judgement.

To improve the awareness of electronic cigarettes among their potential buyers we are working on a comprehensive catalogue of electronic cigarette which will include all models produced till now and known to us.