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Electronic Cigarettes - Gold Drive, s.r.o.


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Dear customers and e-smoking fans,

Welcome to the pages of the first, most experienced and longest in the business seller of electronic cigarettes in the Czech Republic.



All electronic cigarettes, electronic pipes and electronic cigars and accessories that we offer are displayed for you at our Internet e-shop. You can find here the products photos, their description, and of course the price. If you happen to be one of those people who prefer to try everything themselves first, we are looking forward to your visit in our company stone shop, Prokopova 13, Praha 3 - Žižkov. Here, you can discuss your questions with our shop assistants or even test your e-cigarette before you buy it. 



Electronic cigarettes appeared as a worldwide novelty in fall 2006 in China, since spring 2007, we are the first to import and sell electronic cigarettes and accessories in the Czech Republic. There are several reasons why you decide to buy your first electronic cigarette:


- you don´t want to bother people around you with bad smell and harmful fume,

- you want to have the possibility to smoke also at most places where you usually can´t,

- you want to smoke in a healthier way (when smoking electronic cigarettes there is no burning and therefore your e-cigarette does not produce about 4000 harmful chemical substances as it happens with classical cigarettes),

- you simply like electronic cigarettes as a great invention,

- you want to try our electronic cigarette as the first step in your habit-breaking mission.



Electronic cigarettes are not designed for non-smokers, if you don´t smoke, you better keep it that way:-) 



We constantly work on our portfolio of electronic cigarettes, pipes, cigars, and accessories and bring in new, improved models and we regularly prepare special offers (christmas, new-year, for concrete models, etc.) therefore we recommend to keep an eye on this webpagese or our e-shop. If you have any comments or questions, please contact us at golddrive@seznam.cz.



About electronic cigarettes you can also write and read some interesting stuff from other e-smokers at our discussion forum. Part of the forum is also a doctor´s sections focused on the issues of electronic cigarettes and health where you can ask questions and find answers from a doctor.